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Connect wih youth media creatives

Looking for a specific creative with experience in youth media?

Looking to invite our creatives to your event or organisation?

You have specific message about an interesting event, deadline, opportunity?

Drop us a message we'll share it with our network! 



Since we unite creatives across media, we're at the source of changes in the youth media industry.

This knowledge enables us to have a feel for trends and shifts in the audience needs.

We can therefore advise you on specific projects or provide guidance where necessary.


Our creatives come together on our events.

You're more than welcome to join  and meet established and up and coming creatives?.

​Want to collaborate on an event?

You want to invite creatives & Industry to your event but have no idea how to engage them.

Contact us and take advantage of our network an knowledge.

We love to see how we can take your event to the next level with interesting professionals, speakers, workshops, jurymembers,.... Whatever you need we're happy to help. 


We collect the information which surfaces on our events, facebookgroups, linkedIn groups on our database.

This spans from interesting conferences you should be aware of to festivals worth to attend,

funding deadlines to apply to, books to read...

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

We would love to make you a personalised plan.

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