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MACKY (Media & Audiovisual Creatives for Kids and Youth) strives for the representation of all children and young people in a sustainable and inclusive media landscape. To achieve this, we bring together Flemish creative people with a passion for youth media: active in film, television, radio, games, theatre, books, digital, innovative and social media. The agency brings together writers, directors, animators, illustrators as well as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat & TikTok creators. Makers with different backgrounds, working in and with different genres and techniques.


We do this with our 3 values in mind



We have a heart for children’s media, humanity and the world.



Together we achieve more.

We pass the energy on between creatives, industry and the audience.



We believe in creativity as the source for sustainable progress.


MACKY supports creative people by giving them the opportunity to exchange knowledge with each other. In addition, we connect them with the industry at all kinds of events. Do you want to invite our community to your event? Want to share an interesting deadline? Want to collaborate on an event. Drop us a message.

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